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The Amsterdam Jordaan is undoubtedly the most sung about, described and romanched town district of the Netherlands. Started as a district for the poor, today it is a favorite place for students, artists and young proffesionals.


This new inhabitants of the Jordaan, together with the people that stayed behind from the erarly days, made this neighborhood a pleasant place with a mixture of all kinds of styles and activities.

On this site you find everything concerning this district, both of the present and the past. For example there is a description of the history, but also a overview of all the shops, places to go out and the interesting sights to see at this very moment. If you are planning to stay the night in the Jordaan, we have made an overview of all the hotels.
The Jordaan INFO Guide

jordaaninfogidsIn the Jordaan INFO Guide you will find all the shops, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, galleries, etc of the Jordaan. Enter a keyword, selecte a category and press on 'search'. You get an overview of all the addresses with teh given name, description or address. When a name is shown in red, you can get more information about this company by clicking on it.

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Why is the Jordaan called the Jordaan?
bloemgracht_frontMany people wonder where the name Jordaan comes from. The most heard explanation is that the word has been derived from the French jardin (garden). The French immigrants of the 17th century might have called the district Jardin, because the most of the streets of the Jordaan are named after to flowers.

Some say that the name has been inspired by the river Jordaan, the well-known water from the holy land. Historian Kannegieter is convinced that the name comes from the French river the Jordanne in the Auvergne. The historian explains that the french compared this polluted river with the Prinsengracht, which at that time also was not too clean itself.
The Jordaab Webcam

webcamThe Jordaan INFO Webcam gives you a live view of the corner Prinsengracht and Bloemgracht. This location is an important access route to the Jordaan. You see the boats sailing through the Prinsengracht and the many people who visit the Jordaan.

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Where to stay

hotalonnaFor the people that like to stay overnight in the Jordaan, the district contains hotels in the range from one till five stars. This way you can really taste how it feels to live in the Jordaan. Most hotels are situated in former canal houses, that still contains the historical ambiance of the old Jordaan.


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Where is the Jordaan located?

jordaan_luchtfoto_kleinThe Jordaan is the area at the west side of the 'grachtengordel' (main canals). De district's borders are formed by the Lijnbaansgracht, Brouwersgracht, Prinsengracht and the Passeerdersgracht. It is located on walking distance of the Central Station, the Dam or the Leidseplein. It is also easy to reach with public transport. It is not recomended to go there by car, because of parking problems.
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