Jordaan INFO tips

Here you will find a few places that Jordaan INFO has selected for you.


Café Daalder

daalder_3Daalder could very well be called ‘the smallest grand café in Amsterdam’. Located in the heart of the Jordaan, Daalder offers the atmosphere of a traditional brown café, along with a delicious and affordable contemporary menu.


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Café De Prins

deprins3Cafe de Prins is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Prinsengracht. Across from the Westerkerk (Western Church) and the Anne Frank house, on the edge of the Jordaan, it is surrounded by history.


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L'invité le Restaurant

linviteletbinnen2L'invite le Restaurant is located on one of the most beautiful canals in the Jordaan. In this exceeding restaurant invites every month a new chef Cook from Master Chefs to show his talent.


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Thalia Partyhome

thalia_zaalThalia is the place to be in the Jordaan. At Thalia 'Jordaan' is not a topic, but we have a real Amsterdam atmosphere, both with our location as our extended services. Famous for many, a family company what exists already more than 60 years.


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