The Jordaan during the second world war
razziaIn 1940, the Germans invaded the Netherlands and occupied the country. In the Jews neighbourhood from Amsterdam, many Jews were picked up or were molested. In 1941, Jewish boxing clubs started to form riot teams, which fought back. These teams had good contacts with clubs from the Jordaan and Kattenburg, which regular fought along.

In February 1941 the Germans took revenge and started to keep raids in and around the Waterlooplein.

protestOn Monday 24 February the people of the communist party in the Jordaan, decided they could no longer watch and do nothing. The paviour Willem tap and piet Nak of the city's cleaning department, kept at 6 o'clock at night a meeting on the Noordermarkt, where they spoke to about 250 man. The next day a general protest strike was declared.

The next day the trams stayed behind in the tram garage and many and more employees followed that example. The communist party in the Jordaan had good organisation skills and played a large role in the strike. The people went massively to the Noordermarkt. The Germans had been taken by surprise, but hit back hard. The German 'Ordnungspolizei' blocked the bridge at the Prinsengracht and the Brouwersgracht. To prevent a big bloodbath, the Dutch police force decided to push back the demonstrators with us of violence.

februaristakingAfter two days the strike was broken. Four strikers were shot and twenty-two were condemned to penitentiary sentences. The February strike did not last long, but it were two rare days in war in which the Jews felt that a large part of the from Amsterdam population stood up for them.

In the outside wall of the Noorderkerk is a commemorative plate as a reminder of the meeting of 24 February 1941.

There is also a second plate, for the commemoration to the people in the Jordaan who are killed during the war.