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advertentiesAll shops, cafes, and restaurants in the Jordaan are listed for free in the overviews of Jordaan INFO. Is your copy not listed yet on our site, please send us an email, and we place you on our site.

Outside this lists they can request an advertisement page, which will be shown if the visitor clicks on their name in the overview.

The page will be available for the visitor from the Jordaan INFO Guide and the Jordaan INFO tips. 

On the page there is space for the name, address, phonenumber and e-mail address, a logo, two photo's, a detailed description, openinghours and a link to your own site. The complete offer consist of the following parts:

  • Advertisement page on
  • Engelsh version on
  • Place on top of the search results of the Jordaan INFO Guide
  • Announcement with description and photo on the Jordaan INFO tips
As nonprofit organisation we are keeping the price for the advertisement page extra low. For only € 39,- is your advertisement page a year long available on Jordaan INFO, for about 5000 visitors a motnh.


Sign up for an dvertisement page

For only € 39,- per year two complete advertisement pages on the most visited site of the Jordaan, which entrepreneur doesn't want that, so sign up quick! This is possible both by mail and by Internet.

  1. Via mail
    Download the application form here  and send this together with the logo and photos to:
    Telaraña Web Design
    Bloemstraat 12 III
    1016 LB Amsterdam
  2. Via Internet
    Fill in the form below and press on the send button. Logo and photos can be sent to the above address or via e-mail to:
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
In both cases the invoice will be sent by mail, after the advertisement pages on the site are placed.

Name company:








Own Internetsite:






Pictures (photo's/logo)

Will be send by mail
Will be send by E-Mail
Can be used from our own site
No pictures

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