Sights in the Jordaan
bezichtigenfoto2In the Jordaan are many sights worth seeing. There is of course the Westertoren on the border of Jordaan. Or the ' more ordinary' Nooderkerk on the Noordermarkt, where you will also find some memorials and statues. The Jordaan contains many courtyard, form which some of the are open to visit. On the Johnny Jordaan Plein you wil find statues of the famous Jordaan singers.

The Westerntower and church

westertorenOn the Pentecost day of the year 1631 the Westerntower were taken officially in use. The more than 85 meters high tower, decorated with the emperor crown of Maximiliaan of Austria (given as a thanks for the support of Amsterdam to the Austrian principality), is the most popular one in the city. In many songs sang, the tower is for many old amsterdammers the symbol for their city. In the summer months you can go inside the tower to the first balcony and enjoy the view of the city.


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The Northernchurch

nooderkerkfotoThe monumental Northernchurch was built at the beginning of the 17th century as the 2nd Protestant church of the Netherlands. The church is been built according to the 'centralstructure', in the form of a cross with equal arms. In the middle there is a large central space. The design of the Northernchurch has served as an example for many other Protestant churches.


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Courtyards in the Jordaan

looyershofjeAmsterdam contains about 47 courtyards, where a big part of them is located in the Jordaan. The courtyards were build in the past for the eldern, who often lived there for free. The courtyards are located behind the houses at the streetside, what did not left a lot of space for the courtyards.

The Johnny Jordaanplein
johnnyjordaanplein2At the beginning of the former canel 'Elandsgracht', they contructed a square with the name 'Johnny Jordaanplein'. Here you can find the statues of the famous Jordaan singers Johnny Jordaan, Tante Leen, Johnny Meijer. A few years ago they also placed here the statue of Manke Nelis. They are also planning to add more statues of famous artists from the Jordaan.
Theo Thijssen
beeldtheothijsen3The late writer, teacher, unionist and politician Theo Thijssen (1879-1943) grew up in Jordaan. The neighborhood of it's youth plays a prominent role in many of its novels. That is why you find a lot of things about Theo Thijsen in the Jordaan. On the Lindengrtacht you can find a statue of Theo Thijssen and in the 1e Leliedwstraat is the Theo Thijssen Museum located. The first two bridges of the Bloemgracht are named after two persion form one of his books.