Museums in the Jordaan
museumfoto_kleinIn the Jordaan contains a few museums. There is of course the Anne Frankhuis on the border of Jordaan. But more smaller-scale museums can be find in the Jordaan, such as the Theo Thijssen museum, the Woonbootmuseum or the Pianolamuseum. Also in the field of art & culture there is enough to see in Jordaan.

Anne Frank House

annefrankhuisIn the Jordaan are many sights worth seeing. At the border of Jordaan stands the Anne Frank House: the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her well-known diary during the second world war. Now the house serves as a museum, where the original diary is part from of the permanent exhibition. In 1942 Otto Frank went hiding with it's family in a back room of it's own office building. In that period daughter Anne Frank wrote her diary. Just before the end of the war the hiding place was discovered and the family were moved to labour camps. Anne Frank did not survived this, bur father Otto did. From the moment he published the diary, it went a worldwide hit.


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The Theo Thijssen Museum

theothijsen2The late writer, teacher, unionist and politician Theo Thijssen (1879-1943) grew up in Jordaan. The neighborhood of it's youth plays a prominent role in much of its novels (Kees the boy, the tough inconvenience, the children's book boy days) and his real childhood memories in 'the morning of living'. Theo Thijssen was born in the 1st Leliedwarsstraat on number 16, where now the Theo Thijssen museum is situated. The museum can be found on the ground floor. The collection exists of manuscripts, first presses, photographs, drawings, pictures, sound material and personal belongins of Theo Thijssen.


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woonbootmuseumWho want to know how live on the water is can visit the houseboatmuseum. The museum itself in a houseboat, which is setup as a real houseboat. This you can see all small inconveniences and large advantages of living on water.


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pianolamuseumIn the Pianola Museum, one of the smallest museums in the city, you can find a collection of automatic pianos and related objects. There are nearly 20.000 music rolls in the museum archive. Nearly all of them can be played on the different instruments in the museum. The visitor will be informed about the history and the technique of the instruments. The attention however will always be focused on the music. Every month (exept July/August) there are concerts in the museum, in which different aspects of the pianola music are presented.


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Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica

ritmanlibraryThe Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica is a private library located in the heart of the Jordaan. It contains manuscripts and printed works in the field of the Hermetic tradition, the area where religion and philosophy meet. The library was founded by Amsterdam businessman Joost R. Ritman, who decided to make his collections part of the public domain in 1984. With its 20.000 books which he brought together in his library, he has build the largest collection in the field of the Hermetic tradition of the world. The library with its collections and its exhibition rooms is located on Bloemstraat 13-19, and is freely accessible to the public.


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