How to get to the Jordaan
jordaan_luchtfoto_kleinThe Jordaan is very convenient located on the west side of the centre of Amsterdam. Therefore its simply reachable from the centre and from Amsterdam west, for the visitors from outside the city. The most streets however, are to small for public transport or car traffic. Thats why most of the time the last meters will have to be done by foot. But this is not a problem in the Jordaan, because there enough to see underway.

Walking to the Jordaan

lopendoordejordaanThe Jordaan is easy to reach by foot from several locations in the city. Also on the route to the jordaan is enough to see, therefore if youre not in a hurry, going to walk is a good alternative.The centre of Amsterdam exists in fact of three layers. As a first one is the old town centre with the dam and the red light district.


Public transport

tram_rozengrachtBecause of the narrow streets and canals of the Jordaan, there are not many buses and trams that drive through the Jordaan itself. Only the paved Rozengracht is wide enough to offer space to the public transport. And this is done very extensive. Complete series of trams and buses go via the Rozengracht through the Jordaan. This is done by the trams 13, 14 and 17 and the buses 142, 170 and 172.

By car

prinsengracht_autoThe Jordaan is very well reachable by the car, only parking is a large problem. For this reason it is recommend to first consider other transport possibilities. If it becomes nevertheless the car, then maybe it is better to park the car outside the Jordaan and for the last part you go walking or you take the tram.


Streetguide Jordaan

stratengids_plaatjeThe Jordaan exists from a web of small streets, canals and lanes. To not get lost, Jordaan INFO offers the interactive 'Jordaan street guide'.