Shopping in the Jordaan

winkelenfotoThe Jordaan has a lot off smaller shops with all kinds of articles. If you are looking for something special, the Jordaan is the best place to start. Also if it comes to fasion, the Jordaan is the place to be, with it's different boetieks. All styles of fasion are represented. For the daily groceries you can still find the small specialist shops for cheese, meat, herbs and specialities. The different markets are very suitable to get fresh groceries or to find that special bargain.

In the old days there existed many croseries, bakeries, milk shops and other small stores for the daily croseries in the Jordaan. Also all kinds of old crafts work were performed, from which they sold their products in their shops. Most of these little shops left when the large supermakets and department stores came. In the shops that were left behind, other types of shops were started. Like boutiques with all types of alternative fasion. But also many speiclist shops.
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marktThe real Jordaan atmosphere you can taste the best on one of the markets. On the market the new and old generations of Jordaan inhabitants meet and do their shopping. Most markets you can find on the places where once the the canals were.


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On many locations where formerly could find the warm bakery or the milkman, now contains several art galleries. The nostalgic constructions provideds a beautiful contrast with the mainly modern pieces of art. You will not only find here the work of local artists, but also work of internationally well-known artists.
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Personal care
In the Jordaan appear more an more hairdressers , beautysalons and nailstudios. Especially modern hairstylists find their way to the Jordaan. Because odf that there is a lot to choose for the fashionable visitor.
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winkeltjeIn all the small streets of the Jordaan you will find o lot of little shops. This tour takes you to the streets with the most shops. It starts from the north top of the Jordaan and leads you to the south side.


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Jordaan INFO tips

Here you will find a few shops that Jordaan INFO has selected for you.


Hope Special Sizes

hope2Our trendy collection is intended for both the long and the big man who does not succeed in regular stores. We feel great importance to personal advice and would like to offer you the service you deserve to succeed for your clothes.


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Interline Hairstudio

interline_1Interline Hairstudio is very customer driven for for many year now. Customerfocus service, relaxed atmosphere and cutting edge hairstyling, results in many satisfied and returning customers. Interline Hairstudio has experiance with many types of hair.


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Kwik Fix Massage

kwikfixfoto1Kwik Fix Massage is focused on providing you with traditional Chinese massage service at a quiet place with relaxing music and professional performance. We offer body massage and foot massage that suit every taste and every budget.


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Varsana Yoga Store

varsanawinkel1The Varsana Yoga store at Prinsengracht 100 in Amsterdam has everything for your yoga life. In our yoga shop you will find a large collection of yoga mats and accessories for yoga and pilates.


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Ria's Voetverzorging

aesthetiquecocon_foto1In the centre of Amsterdam "in the heart of the Jordaan" you will find our modern and attractive footcare institute for woman and man. They are specialised in several areas, therefore allmost all foot problems can be solved.



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