Old movies of the Jordaan

video_oud_introBefore there was a television in every home, the cinema was used to inform people what had happened in the country. This was done by the polygon News. Somtimes this news was about the Jordaan.


Here you can see some of these news items about the Jordaan.

The Jordaan festival

video_oud_jordaanfestivalThe Jordaanfestival is a festival that emphasizes the old character of the neighberhood, what the original inhabitants are so in like s much. With shows of Johnny Jordaan and Kootje in De Palm, Tante Mijntje of the Lindengracht ans Homan, owner of a bikeshop, that already exists over 88 years.

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Luilak in the Jordaan

video_oud_luilakChildren running on Luilak making noise through the streets of the Jordaan. See how Luilak in 1956 was celebrated in the Jordan. That year was the first guided Luilak celebration ever. There is not no bell-pull or broken windows, they onlymake make noise in a neatly ordered row through the Jordan.


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Art with brood

video_oud_palmpasenFor Palm Sunday the artists in art Lucassen bakery make art with bread. In Podulke Gallery in the Jordaan, the artworks is exhibited. Children of the youth association of the Lindeboom Jordaan make Easter palm branches and walk in a parade through the streets.


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Canels of Amsterdam

video_oud_grachtenThis film from 1940 shows the beauty of the Amsterdam canals. A number of striking buildings and locations are highlighted, the Jordaan clearly is shown also. The film shows how active the Amsterdam gachten in 1940 has been.


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