Overige sites over de Jordaan
brugbrouwersgrachtOn Internet there is a lot to find about and for the Jordaan. Of course there are the sites for tourists, who sometimes also mention something about the Jordaan. But more and more you see inhabitants of the Jordaan itself, who write something about their neighbourhood on Internet. So if you still can't get enough of the Jordaan, via this links you can even found out more about this neighbourhood.



There is still no museum about the Jordaan. A district with such a history like the Jordaan deserves a museum of course. Thats why they started the foundation Jordaanmuseum. This foundation is trying to start a museum about the Jordaan. On this site you can see the results of there effords.


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Jordaan Wijkcentrum

wijkcentrumThe Jordaan district centre is an inhabitant organisation with as principle: by and for the Jordaan. The centre help out a lot the people in the Jordaan, which has problems with high rents. Furthermore the centre publishes the Jordaan newspaper.


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Jordaan marktets


On this site of the market merchants, you wil find description of all four markets of the Jordaan. Fer each market there is a description, location, advertisements of the market merchants and an overview of akk branches. You can also leave a message on the site, or read messages from other visitors.


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Every year, in september, there is a big festival in the Jordaan. During this three days festival, a line of artists are performing who all have one thing in common, the famous Amsterdam sentimental song. On this site you can read everything about the comming and past editions of this festival.


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Bij ons in de Jordaan .nl


A site that show the owners have warm feelings for the Jordaan. Bijonsindejordaan.nl (with us in the Jordaan) is a mostly a personal site, with shows the characteristics and spaces of the Jordaan that are special for them. But also general information, like history and interesting details of the jordaan.


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Jordaan TV offers everyone (inhabitants, entrepreneurs and local organisations) the posibility to make contact and exchange information by video. The sites shows a lot of videos of companies and organisations, which are located in the Jordaan.


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Jordaan WEB

jordaanweb_siteOnline information of art and culture in the popular, former working-class quarter of Amsterdam, the Jordaan. A simple click with the mouse on a photo is all you need to do, to get all kind of information during a visit to a virtual art studio, cafe, courtyard, museum, library or church.


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Jordaan in site

jordaaninsite_kleinWalk through the Jordaan on a rainy day and still stay dry. That is possible on the site of Harrie van de Haghen. On 'Jodaan in site' you can click with the mouse throughout the Jordaan. Of really every street a photograph is present in every angle.


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Open Ateliers Jordaan

openateliersjordaan_siteDuring the Bank Holiday weekend 80 artists in the picturesque centre of old Amsterdam, the Jordaan, will open their studios and work places to the public. On this website participants of Open Studios Jordaan each have their own page.


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Jordaan Online

jordaanonlineBuurt online is a site where neighbourhoods of the large cities are represented. From Amsterdam the Jordaan is also present of course. At Jordaan online you find a rich collection of links to about all there is on Internet of the Jordaan. Further more there a space with local news of the Jordaan.


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Keitjes Jordaan

KeitjesOn this site an occupant of the Jordaan describes remarkable expressions and opinion of the neighbourhood, both culturally and architectonically. The site shows many photos of the district, for example of the ' town renewals', which in his eyes is not always has succeeded very well.


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Amsterdam info

amsterdaminfoIf you wan to know more about the city Amsterdam itself, Amsterdam info is a good site to go to. You will find here al lot of facts, sights, museums and other information about the greatest small city of the world. It is also a good starting point if you are looking for a hotel or apartment.


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City.nu Amsterdam

citynu_siteThe Amsterdam edition of City.nu made a selection of the most important things that you might need during your visit in Amsterdam. This also includes information about attractions, history, hotels, museums, nightlife and shopping in the Jordaan.


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The Zwanenkoor


The Zwanenkoor is a coir founded in Cafe the Twee Zwaantjes. More and more often people began to sing in the Cafe. After performing a few times in the Westerkerk, Hans Mensink and Bert Koster started the Zwanenkoor. The coir now exists more than 20 years and has about 55 members.


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Café Lowietje


Almost everyone in holland knows Cafe Lowietje from the polularTV series 'Baantjer'. But not everyone knows that the Cafe is not located in the Ref Light District, but in the Jordaan! The new owner Peter Batenburg has now given the Cafe the same name as in the TV series.


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Atlas Amsterdam

atlassiteOn the site 'Atlas Amsterdam' you can zoom in on the map of Amsterdam and get an air photo of this. You can zoom in this at this air photo that far, that you can look litterally in the garden of the neighbours. The site can show you which services, institutions, etc are available in that neighbourhood.


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Amsterdams City Centre

vvabsiteThe 'Association Friends of the Amsterdam City Centre ' (V.V.A.B.) stands up for the character of the Amsterdam City Centre. On the site of the VVAB you find a lot of information of the City Centre (the area within the Singelgracht), which also contains the Jordaan.


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Amsterdam Housefront plates

amsterdamsegevelstenenThe association 'Friends of the Amsterdam Housefront plates', situated in the Jordaan, fights for the conservation and recovering of housefront plates in Amsterdam. On the site you can see among other things photos of housefront plates which the association has restored, completely with a description of the plate.


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Along Yawners and stone tablets


On this site takes Amsterdam- and housefront tablets specialist Herman Souer, you along the world of yawners and housefront tablets. The site show different housefront tablets, located in the Jordaan. With each housefront tablets, Herman Souer tells a story. Even the housefront tablets of the office of Jordaan INFO is on the site!


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Monthly Ons Amsterdam


Ten times a year the magazine 'Ons Amsterdam' appears, with articles about the history of Amsterdam. This also conatains a lot of stories about the Jordaan. The magazine is readable, with lots of beautiful pictures and has about ten thousand readers. The website contains a summary of the magazine and a guestbook.


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The Looier

delooierThe Looier is a indoor art and antiques market with a floor surface of about 1750 square meter. The market contains about 80 stands and a number of shops. The whole market has been built as a small city, existing of several narrow 'streets'. You will find there f.e. an own cafe-coffehouse.


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