Information about Jordaan INFO
buurtJordaan INFO is a non-profit site for the residents and visitors of the Amsterdam Jordaan. The site informs about what you will find in this neighborhood itself and what had taken place in the past and what there is to do and see there nowdays.This way the inhabitants can know more about their neighborhood, which shops or restaurants there are and the agenda keeps them informed about the latest activities. Themself can also provide a contribution, so this site is for and of the neighborhood itself. Visitors can learn via this site more about the history of the neighborhood, so this can make there visit extra interesting.

The organisation of Jordaan INFO

organisatorenJordaan INFO has been set up by Gerrie Spits and Kars Buurlage. Both of them born and raised in Jordaan and large enthusiasts of their neighborhood.


From both their families lived for generations long in Jordaan. This connection with there neighborhood brought them this far, they wanted to do something for the neighborhood. The knowledge of the Jordaan of Kars Buurlage and the knowledge of web design of Gerrie Spits is an unique combination for an Internet site about the Jordaan.


The Internet site has not been made from eye mark of profit, but for the love for their neighborhood ' The Jordaan'.

Advertise on Jordaan INFO

advertentiesAll shops, cafes, and restaurants in the Jordaan are listed for free in the overviews of Jordaan INFO. Is your copy not listed yet on our site, please send us an email, and we place you on our site.

Outside this lists they can request an advertisement page, which will be shown if the visitor clicks on their name in the overview.

Participation of the local residents

Occupants of the Jordan can also provide a contribution to ' their ' Jordaan INFO . Therefore if you have lniceanecdote, or want to describe how living was in the early days of the Jordaan, you can send it all and we place it on the site.


The E-Mail address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The near future of Jordaan INFO

A site like Jordaan INFO is of course never 'finished'. Therefore you can still expect much more on this site in the near future:


- More details about this neighborhood

- More trips through the Jordaan

- Tales of local residents

- A Webcam of the Jordaan

- And much more...

A site for your company or institution?

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