Multimedia: movies and photo's
multimedia_fotoThe Jordaan in video and photos. With moving pictures you can get an better impression of the neighborhood. Thanks to old movies of the polygon news, you can see how the Jordaan looked like fifty years ago. In contrast to the old movies, you can see movies of the current Jordaan. The old houses has been restored and everything everything looks like new. But maybe the neighborhood has less atmosphere? Judge for yourself by watching the movies.

In addition to the movies, Jordaan INFO has also made many photos of the Jordaan. Here you can see selection of these photos.

Old movies of the Jordaan

video_oud_introBefore there was a television in every home, the cinema was used to inform people what had happened in the country. This was done by the polygon News. Somtimes this news was about the Jordaan.


Here you can see some of these news items about the Jordaan.



New movies of the Jordaan

video_nieuw_introMuch is changed in the Jordaan, but it still has it's charm. In these movies you can see how the Jordaan looks like today. Many small shops aren't there anymore, but a lot of nice terraces has come in place.


Through these movies, you can feel the atmosphere of the Jordaan, before you visit this area.



Video reports of Jordaan INFO

filmstripJordaan INFO has made the last years a number of videos, for the articles in the news section. In the future, there will be more and more videos in the news section. All the current articles with video material, are put together in this overview, so you can look back at those events.


Old pictures of the Jordaan

foto_oud_introThe cityarchive ofn Amsterdam has an enormous collection of old pictures of Amsterdam. This collection also contains a lot of old pictures of the Jordaan. So you can browse throug all the streets and canals of the Jordaan and see how they looked liked in the old days.


New pictures of the Jordaan

foto_nieuw_palmgrachtGo see how the Jordaan looks like nowdays. For this pupose Jordaan INFO has made some pictures of the most beautiful places of the Jordaan. This way you can see the Jordaan does not have lost it's charm, with it's beatifule streets, canels, small shops and nice terraces.


Photo reports of Jordaan INFO

fotoreportagesDuring it's existing, Jordaan INFO has made some photo reports of the Jordaan. These reports where made to support the news articles of the site. Although there are old new by now, it still is nice to look back at these moments.


Al these photot reports are put together in the following overview.